Q: Do you service all of Sydney?

A: Yes, we service the greater Sydney region, from Western Sydney to the Hills District, Lower North Shore and Inner West.

Q: What type of construction service to you provide?

A: We specialise in first floor additions, ground floor extensions, alterations and renovations.

Q: We don’t have any plans drawn as yet. Do you require plans before you can meet us?

A: No, we can meet you whether you have plans or not. Our initial meetings help establish your brief, needs and most importantly your budget.

Q: We already have plans drawn. Are you able to assist with providing a quote?

A: Absolutely, we can provide you with a detailed tender based on your pre-existing plans.

Q: How do we go about getting plans approved?

A: We can provide this service for you and include it as part of your quote – just ask!

Q: Do we need to move out during construction?

A: This depends on each build and your personal preference.

Q: How long will construction take?

A: Each renovation is completely different, however as a general rule of thumb, a standard first-floor addition will take approximately 6 months. We will give you a more accurate duration once we have established the scope of work.